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  1. Sign up for your own account. Our free trial lets you test the waters to make sure meets your needs. We're sure it will.
  2. Design your site. Choose from over 20 beautiful, professionally designed templates, upload your logo, customize a few colors and you're ready to go. Feeling pretty confident about your CSS skills? You can also add custom CSS to make sure your site looks exactly how you want.
  3. Add pages, images, information collection forms, blogs, events, products and more. Our simple web-based editor makes it easy to make your content look great, even if you're a beginner.

Can it really help my business?

One of the most necessary feature of any business website is to effectively generate leads for your business. The form system in lets you create as many data collecting forms as you need, customize and order the form fields, setup autoresponders, and export your collected leads to a spreadsheet to use however you need.

The forms are amazing! I was able to create all sorts of lead forms to track where my customers are coming from. I love it! - Kristy S.

We also include a newsletter system so you can send your own beautifully designed email to your form leads, helping you generate more new business than  you thought possible.

What about E-commerce?

Many sites charge you huge monthly fees or make it too difficult to effectively sell your products online. Luckily, has taken it's ability to simplify the website creation process and applied it to selling online. You can setup categories, create your products, add your merchant info, and be up and selling in no time.

We include advanced features like downloadable products, inventory tracking, additional attribute cost, and product recommendations in every E-commerce enabled site we offer.

You can even have an email sent to you every time an order is placed, export your orders and customers to Excel-compatible spreadsheets, manage advanced shipping options, and more.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a better deal for E-commerce anywhere else.

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