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Build Your Site

Learning to build a site doesn't require a degree in programming. We've taken the difficulty out of setting up pages, organizing your navigation, and adding and managing your form data with simple tools that are easy to use.

Custom Forms

One of the most helpful ways your business can support your business is to help capture and report on those interested in your products and services. On SitesPlus you can build your own custom forms, add and reorder as many fields as you need, and even setup autoresponse messages. Once someone fills out your form, you can make sure you're updated right away but receiving an email with the information, review past submissions stored in your site admin, or export the information to an Excel-compatible file to use whenever and however you need.


SitesPlus makes it easy to upload your own photos, add them to pages, or organize them into photo galleries to put on your site. To make things even easier, we've incorporate Piknik, a simple, web-based photo editor that allows you to edit your images online, whether you're adding text, removing red eye, tweaking your color balance, or just resizing and cropping your photo. The integration works seamless with your site and creates a new version of your image once you're done to make sure you never lose your original.

SitePlus also makes including videos on your site a breeze. Just upload a compatible video file (any H.264 encoded .mov, .mp4, or .m4v file will work) and easily include it on any page you need it. Or, use the code editor view to paste in YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video code from your favorite video sharing service.


Everyone wants to keep their site content fresh, but having a separate blog to manage updates or news items can make actually doing it difficult. That's why SitesPlus has an integrated blog tool, allowing you to easily add new posts from any computer anywhere.

Visitors can interact using the comment system, and you can ensure that your visitors' comments are appropriate for the site with the built-in approval process.